This Perl module is intended to hide the difficult TL1 syntax from the user. It executes TL1 commands and returns the results in Perl data structures. For example, if you work with different types and/or vendors of devices the TL1 syntax might be different as well as the output. This TL1 module retrieves information from different types and/or vendors of devices without having to know the exact details. There is also a cmd() function to execute any TL1 function. In this case the user has to parse the returned results. This module is known to work on Nortel OME6500, Nortel DWDM CPL, Nortel HDXc, Nortel OM5200, Cisco ONS15454 and Adva FSP3000; but it should work on any TL1 capable device.


The TL1 Toolkit is distributed with an Apache 2.0 license and can be downloaded from CPAN (download).

System Requirements

The TL1 Toolkit is a Perl module, so you need to have Perl installed. It makes use of the following Perl CPAN modules:

You can find these on CPAN.



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Latest update: 22 February 2010